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  1. I would like to have a Bookshare session for parents of my visually impaired students. As a resource I would use:

    Parent Ambassador Program link

    Bookshare on Social Media (Facebook) and Pinterest

    A guide for college information for parents, students, and teachers.

    I would also invite parents to our monthly student led tech club meetings and ask a bookshare rep in my area to be available for parent question and answer session.



  2. I will reach out to the middle school and high school principal librarians as well as the language arts teachers where I have students by the end of the first grading period. I will ask to give out information and point the team to the videos on How to Get started. After buy in, I will set up individual accounts for my students and work on purchasing Read 2 Go on their iPad or laptop.I will also contact the area rep and the campuses Instructional Technology Specialists to work with me on a presentation.