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  1. Dorit Resnikoff

    Student access to reading lists

    How do my students access the reading lists that I subscribe them to on the master website using Read2Go App? I have added my students to reading lists, but they still have to look for individual books. They don't get to browse the titles in the reading lists. Any suggestion for how I fix this?
  2. Dorit Resnikoff

    Reading Cartoon based book

    My student cannot get the Book2Go app to read the book DogMan. I think it might be due to the fact that it is a graphic novel style book with cartoon style boxes with drawings and writing mixed. Does anyone know how to get the print read by the voiceover? Thanks
  3. Dorit Resnikoff

    Using VoiceDream with Bookshare

    I would be interested in this information as well. I have not been able to download books in Voicedream.