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    Using VoiceDream with Bookshare

    Once you get the process, getting books into your Voice Dream Reader is quite quick. My students are able to do this by themselves. I just have to make sure that they have their books in their book collections. Besides Bookshare, Voice Dream Reader can access Google Drive and other cloud drives. On IOS devices, you there will be a + button in the top left of the screen. On Android devices and Kindles, you will find the + button in the bottom right of the screen. This is the main book shelf page. When selecting this button, you will then have options of where to get your materials; Bookshare, Google Drive, etc. The trick that I have found in Bookshare, to actually make a Search from the text field, you must select and press the actual magnifying glass button within the search text field. Just being in the text field does not allow you yet to input any text. That's the trick that I found. Good luck and good reading.