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Found 2 results

  1. Over the years we have heard people ask "can I download a book in EPUB?" or "Can I open a book in iBooks?". And now we need YOUR help in bringing this request to the finish line! We are now offering EPUB as a download option that is in "Beta". If you would like to test out this capability, we invite you to use our new Beta options: 1) Go to the "Help us "Beta test" new features page: 2) Choose the Activate EPUB 3 Beta option, which will then display EPUB as a download format. We recommend that you also Activate EPUB 3 Reader Beta to get the full effect of the improvements we've been making "behind the scenes". 3) Once you've downloaded the book as an EPUB, you can open in iBooks or another reading tool that supports EPUB 3 We have not tested all books on all platforms yet, but we'd love to hear feedback! iBooks definitely seems to be working nicely, but of course people use iBooks differently depending upon their needs and preferences.
  2. (Submission from previous platform) Response by Ginny Grant, Product Manager, Literacy Products, Bookshare: Bookshare titles are available in EPUB 3 format through the API. What kind of eReaders are being used, and do they interface directly with Bookshare? Related response by Igor Kaminski: I was thinking of allowing books to be downloaded in ePub format because web reader technically uses ePub to deliver content instead of daisy. However, there are times when an internet connection isn't available; this would require books to be read offline with an e-reader like ePub reader, which is a Mozilla Firefox add-on many people use. Related response by Samantha Lorey: As far as ereaders go, I use a Kindle but it is far easier to convert an epub to a Kindle format than it is to convert Daisy to Kindle. Related response by Heather Peterson: In answer to your question about ereaders: Read2Go, helpful though it is for providing easy previews of Bookshare books, remains inadequate to my needs as a large print reader. On my iPhone, I currently use Gerty for epub files, but I periodically try out new ereader apps as I find ones that work better for my eyes and my reading habits. I've been reading Bookshare books in html format on the Tomes app for iPhone, but Tomes is the only html ereader I've been able to find for the iPhone, and it's not being updated to keep up with new versions of iOS. Having epub versions of Bookshare books would provide me with more options for ereaders. These days I know how to convert DAISY to epub - though I appreciate Bookshare posting this information on how to do so here: - but it's still an extra step that would slow down my reading process so much that I've been sticking to html files. So any advances you could offer in that regard, I'd greatly appreciate.