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Found 3 results

  1. While we can pull data to show which formats our members are downloading, what's harder for us to pinpoint is exactly how our members are using those formats to access our books. This is why we semi-regularly put out mass surveys asking about what technology our members are using, but because the surveys are anonymous we never have a real opportunity to ask for more details on interesting technology choices. So how exactly do you access Bookshare books? What kind of app or device do you use? Is there a file format you wished we would offer as a download option that would make accessing Bookshare content easier for you?
  2. It's time again for another weekend discussion, and this one's aimed at all of the Bookshare teachers or other sponsors out there that help our members access the books they need. This year Bookshare has worked to help streamline the teacher experience, primarily through making Reading Lists easier to use and helping your students be even more independent. But that said, teachers what are some things that you really wish Bookshare had? It can be anything from another better way to manage your students, better ways to get books to them, or anything else you can think of.
  3. As we head out for the weekend I want to take an opportunity to put out different questions to the broader Bookshare community, to see what resonates with the community and what ideas we might find. For this week's topic I wanted to talk about everyone's Bookshare wish list: If there was one thing Bookshare could do that would make your day to day reading experience better, what is it? We're completely open to ideas, it could be anything from changing how something works on the website to adding a new feature or function you think might really help. We can even talk about what kinds of books you would like to see more of in our library. If you don't feel comfortable posting your ideas here for any reason, feel free to email us at, we're glad to add to the conversation with ideas from anonymous members.