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We have Chromebooks for every student at the middle schools in my district. I am trying to troubleshoot how to get the web reader to read for Bookshare.  We have downloaded the app but it is reading in GERMAN instead of English.  I don't seem to have access to the options menu for the app.  When I have the web reader up, I can change options for the colors and font and page view, but I do not have access to options for the voice and I guess language.  What am I missing? 

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Hey Allison,

This is actually a bug in the way Chromebooks accesses the voices, for some reason instead of selecting the default voice when Web Reader accesses it, it just selects the first voice on the list which happens to be German.  This of course works great if your students are interested in learning German and are accessing one of 2200 German books Bookshare has, but for most of our members it doesn't quite meet their needs.

The good news is you can fix it by installing another text to speech voice:

You may need to go into the settings and select this voice from the list, or you may need to completely sign out of the Chromebook and back in before it takes effect.


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