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Weekend Discussion - How can we better help teachers?

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It's time again for another weekend discussion, and this one's aimed at all of the Bookshare teachers or other sponsors out there that help our members access the books they need.

This year Bookshare has worked to help streamline the teacher experience, primarily through making Reading Lists easier to use and helping your students be even more independent.  But that said, teachers what are some things that you really wish Bookshare had?  It can be anything from another better way to manage your students, better ways to get books to them, or anything else you can think of.  

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I am new to Bookshare.  I've signed up some students and assigned them books.  I'd like to know...what is the difference between Daisy reader and the audio versions?  Also is there any way to preview what I am sending them?

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Hi Mia,

DAISY offers a lot of advantages to our members, it's an electronic text format that when paired with a compatible reader will provide visible text to the book with layout, font, and color options to best fit the student's needs.  Audio is provided through integrated text to speech which allows you to slow or speed up the audio to match your student's reading speed, and is accompanied by highlighting within the text to help your students know exactly where they are within the book.

Electronic text formats have lots of other more subtle benefits such as helping students with spelling, formatting and punctuation.  Even audio devices such as a Victor Stream when paired with the DAISY format can vocalize letter by letter to benefit students. 

As for previewing the information as of right now unfortunately not directly.  Copyright law is very strict such that only the qualified members themselves should be accessing the text.  Of course if you are sitting with them when they open the book to help them get started with Bookshare that's absolutely perfectly fine.  Alternatively if you would simply like to preview the reading systems themselves Bookshare has a demo account that allows you to download our freely available content into compatible readers.  

Login with: password: memberdemo1

Then select the Browse link from under the search bar at the top of Bookshare, and go to our Demo books to download and test our our reading systems.

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