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Can't change font when large

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Hello, My son needs the font to be set super large on the Chrome Bookshare reader. But when it's set super large and I want to set it small for some reason, the window where I would change the font back is so large that the font choice is off the screen. Can someone help me? We're stuck on super large font forever!

Thanks, Darcie

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Hey Timothy,

This is unfortunately a known issue that we're working on.  This has to do with the browser zoom usually, our settings window is not setup at this time to adapt to very small screens, or to browsers where the browser zoom is set very high.  

Until we can fix the settings window to adapt to these situations try opening the chrome settings, the triple vertical dots on the top right corner of chrome, and pressing the "-" button for the zoom settings which should be about half way down the menu.  You may have to press the "-" button a few times before the font size setting returns to the screen.  Once you've set the Web Reader font to the size you like you can zoom Chrome back in if you'd like.

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