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Nick Bowen

Bookshare version 5.3.10 is live!

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Bookshare just released version 5.3.10! This release included several updates including: 

  • Officially made Beeline Reader available for all Bookshare members.
  • Upgrades to the Reading Lists, now members assigned Reading Lists will always know which Bookshare Sponsor assigned them to the list.
  • Various upgrades to our book ingestion process including fixing a rare issue that impacted how pages were numbered, improved handling of additional page content, and began work to ingest MathML into our library.
  • Fixed an issue that could impact our server stability when handling large BRF files.
  • Added the University of Illinois publisher to the collection.
  • Added support for 12 new Indian languages for book ingestion.

As always feel free to provide any feedback or comments below.  If you're interested in helping us test up and coming features check out our Currently in Beta page!

For suggesting new features or discussing features currently being Beta tested visit our Feature Suggestion forum.

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