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Nick Bowen

Add ability to upload PDF files and bookshare would covert them into the corect file formats

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(Submission from previous platform)

Can you add the ability where we can upload PDF files of all of the scan books and bookshare would put them in the corect fromats since it is hard to do it with Math texbooks and the best way is to do it by PDF.

Response by Ginny Grant, Product Manager, Literacy Products, Bookshare: 

We are definitely looking at how to handle PDFs that were created with accessibility in mind, and also working on tools that will help to create accessible math equations, graphs, etc.

Can you provide more details on the methods or tools that you are using to create these resources initially?

Related response by Michael Ward:

The methods i use is using my scanner which only outputs to PDF format. I am alos able to sonvert it into the kursweil 3000 file format know as .kesi 
Can you work on something so your volanteers can inport theses kids of files other than rtf so that better quality books can be provided to your members.

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