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want to print member list

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Hi Susan,

We don't currently have a way to export a member roster.  This is unfortunately an item that we haven't yet identified as a need for our accounts, if you wouldn't mind me asking how would you use a printed roster?  If you'd like I could transfer this to the feature suggestion forum for our product team to work through so that we can add it at some point in the future.

For now the only way I know of to print a list of members is to manually click and drag to highlight your roster, press control + c to copy and paste the list of members into Excel.

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I am a new primary contact and it would be nice to be able to print a list of sponsors and members to be able to verify against current lists so that I can update sponsors and staff.  Now while I know I can do this while on the website, it would be easier to compare two printed lists.

It appears to have been a while since anyone has used bookshare, so there is a lot of updating to do.

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