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Read2Go Not Showing Books

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I am experiencing problems with students being able to access books saved to Reading Lists, using the Read2Go app. When students sign into Read2Go on their iPads, no assigned books or book lists are present. Yet, these same students are able to log into Bookshare and view/read (Read Now) the books by way of browser.

The problem with Read2Go seems to have recently started. Please assist.


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Hey Derrick,

We did experience an issue with a recent change to Read2Go where some users need to log out and back into the app for books to be available again.  Please have your student log out and back into Read2Go through the settings of the app, then search for books to download again.

Note that books shared with your students on Reading Lists won't appear on the Read2Go bookshelf until the student searches for and downloads the books directly through the app.  Unfortunately we do not yet have direct access to Reading Lists through the app.

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