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I have a student that has requested certain books for enjoyment reading. I have requested multiple books on Bookshare over 40 days ago, and although it was not a textbook request, I feel that this is taking way longer than it should. Anyone else have this problem? Is Bookshare backed up on requests? 

This student is patiently waiting for these books that he wants to read so bad. 


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Hey Alissa,

Bookshare does have an extremely limited amount of funding that we use for manually entering book requests into our library, as such we always do prioritize books that are required for school making sure they are available as quickly as possible for our students.  Books that aren't required for school but are just for enjoyment reading we put onto a wishlist that we allow our amazing volunteers to use as a basis for finding books to add to Bookshare, but we do allow volunteers to pick the books they wish to add which means we have no information on when these books will be available to your students.   

We do currently have roughly 500 books on our wishlist.

I'm sorry for the confusion over this issue and I do hope your students find these books on Bookshare in the very near future.  

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