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Support self-voicing and highlighting in the web reader in the Firefox browser.

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I am interested in the web reader. However, I see that Firefox is not listed as a supported browser for self-voicing and highlighting. Are there any plans to fully support Firefox? If not, why? I do have, and use, a screen reader, but I'm curious as to the reason behind the lack of full support in Firefox. Any explanation(s) would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Hey Dane,

Support for self voicing in Firefox is something we definitely want to include.  Strangely enough the issue is when we developed the Web Reader, Firefox did not have a way for browsers to access the device's text to speech engine like Google Chrome and soon after Safari did.  Somewhat recently they have added support but it is still experimental, so while we do hope to add full self voicing support for Firefox, it still may be a bit before we can.

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I also hope to see that feature included in Firefox. I certainly don't mind reading with a screen reader, or a braille display, but using self-voicing text-to-speech would be great when casually reading  for pleasure.

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