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Hey Willy,

Absolutely, and in fact we have a couple of different options.  First you can simply download our books in the MP3 format to listen to at any time.  While this does remove many of the features we enjoy about our books such as simplified navigation and full access to the text, sometimes this format is just easier to manage.

Alternatively you can download our files in the DAISY Text or EPUB format for use within a compatible application such as Open LORE Reader, FS Reader, or the many other options for accessing our files.  Another great option for our members that use screen readers is downloading the DAISY Text file and simply pulling out and opening the (title of the book).xml file.  Manually opening this file within your web browser will give your screen reader full access to the text at any time.

Our files never expire, once downloaded you can keep them for as long as you'd like.

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