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This feature would be helpful for people using the main Bookshare sight, the Go App for Android, and the Read2Go app for iOS devices.
If I am not mistaken, it is only possible to search books in one category. However, I noticed that books that have been submitted often have more than one category. If I wanted to look for books regarding the ethics of medical practice, I would either havve to look under the law, legal issues and ethics or medicine categories. Likewise, if I wanted to look for something regarding medical textbooks or books in general about LGBTQIA issues, then I'd have to search under one of those two. What would be helpful is if one could check some boxes, and the search engine could find books that match those categories.
If a feature like that already exists, feel free to let me know, and tell me how to make use of it.

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Hey Green Gables Fan,

The ability to search multiple categories is available from the main Bookshare website on our Advanced Search page at:

But that said it definitely would be a neat to be able to do this sort of advanced search when just browsing the categories on the Bookshare site, or within any of our compatible apps.  

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Thank you for the suggestion! As product manager for Bookshare, Go Read and Read2Go, I will take down that suggestion to be able to filter multiple categories at once in order to reduce the number of search results to an even tighter set. As Nick said, we do already have that capability on the website, but not in the API which the apps are using.

Until we have that in-place, could I suggest a workaround? On the Bookshare site, use the Advanced Search page to filter on a couple of categories, such as Medicine + Law, Legal Issues and Ethics (which currently returns 472 titles). Take a look at those titles, and then add the ones you are most interested in to a reading list that you create, so you can more easily find them again and download when ready.  Just a thought - we'd love to hear how that idea works for you! 

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