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I am having problems with my wife's Victor Reader (latest model).  It will begin reading a book and just stop and turn off. Normally right after it reads through the legal disclaimers at the beginning. Out of ten books, maybe two will read correctly. I updated the firmware. I deleted and reinstalled the books. I have tried other memory cards and even a different computer. Same problem.  I even bought her a new player, thinking the old one was defective, but it does the same thing. I have downloaded hundreds of books for her over the last few years and never had this problem.  Any help would be appreciated.



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Have you tried skipping past the legal disclaimers? Does it continue to read if immediately when it starts you press the 6 key to skip to the book content?

If you phone Humanware and demonstrate this over the phone to their support they might have thoughts about the problem as well.

It's certainly unusual, as I have read thousands of books with several VR Stream players, including old and new models that belong to both me and my employer.

One problem that you might be having is that if the reader comes across an image or a tag for an image it can stall for a long time and fall silent. It hasn't turned off, it just has trouble processing the images or their tags. And it doesn't actually freeze, it just seems to get stuck in the middle of processing. There is a link to an image in the text-only Daisy files and that seems to flummox the Stream somewhat.  


One thing you can try now is to download the book as epub instead and see if the device reads that format better. Don't download as BRF for sure.


Also try something that's not publisher quality and be sure you update your stream's firmware.

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