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I have been getting ebooks through our local library for my visually impaired mother-in-law.  She enjoys mysteries so we have been frustrated with a limited selection of books without a long wait for a title to become available. It is next to impossible to read a series in order.   She uses a tablet and have been downloading books in the kindle format.  We have set the tablet up for white lettering on a black background in a large font.  Does bookshare work the same way with a limited number of copies with a waiting system or are all books simply available?  Can it be set up with white lettering on a black background?

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Hi Vernon,

It sounds like Bookshare can be a great option.  We absolutely can be setup for large white lettering on a black background, though I do need to note that we don't currently work on Kindles.  You can use us on iPads, Android devices, or any computer.

If you purchase an annual subscription for her she can download as many books as she likes.  There's no waiting, and the only restrictions we have in place are intended to catch malicious use so you should never reach those with her account.

The annual subscription is just $50 per year for unlimited access, with a one time first year sign up fee of $25.  

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