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Bookshare on eReader or Highlighting voice to text?

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We are new to Bookshare and I am having difficulty navigating the options.  We have an old fashion pc, a Kindle, and a new (confusing) chromebook.  No smart phone or devices.  I would like to access books that read and highlight the text for my son.  Is this possible via Bookshare on any of the devices we use?

Many thanks in advance.


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It's absolutely possible on both the old PC and the Chromebook.

For both I recommend using the Web Reader.  If using the old PC you would need to install the Google Chrome browser first from https://www.google.com/chrome/

Then on the Chromebook or the PC you'll need to install the text to speech extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-os-us-english-fema/efdojdlmjknacnljjdedapanceanigkh

Once the extension is installed log into Bookshare, search for a book and choose the Read Now link found just prior to the download button for the book.  When the Web Reader opens up go into the settings and at the very bottom there's a voice selector, choose the Chrome OS US English Female HQ voice from the list.  Then you're all set, you can use that same Read Now link to open any book and select the play button from the top of the Web Reader to start and stop reading.

Note that the Web Reader will remember where you left off only on the specific computer, so if he does change devices between the Chromebook and the PC a lot he will need to manually navigate back to where he last stopped.  

Also note that the Web Reader always starts reading from whatever is displayed at the top of the screen.  So if he wants to start reading at a specific section either use the table of contents navigation to navigate directly to it, or scroll until that section is first.

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It is possible, if it's not doing it unfortunately it means you have another voice selected.  Currently on Chromebooks only the female English HQ voice will include word highlighting.  

Make sure of course you have the extension installed, then go into the settings of the Web Reader to make sure that voice is selected.

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