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Reading book offline on PC

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What is the best way to read a Bookshare title on a PC laptop? I know you can use Bookshare Web Reader while connected to the internet, but I want to be able to read the textbook while offline as well. Is there something like Read2Go for PC that is free or inexpensive? I like using the laptop because I can get a bigger screen size then a tablet or iPad.

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Hey Karen,

Unfortunately there isn't one easy answer, but there are a few depending on the student you are supporting.  For our members with learning differences the Open Lore Read application is actually a great and inexpensive option.  

For our members with visual impairments there's a few options, if they use a screen reader the FS Reader that comes with JAWS can work great, as well as simply opening our books raw in a web browser.  This is done by downloading the book in the DAISY Text format and simply opening the (title of the book).xml file directly.  Note sometimes it's necessary to rename this file to .html before opening on some machines.

In addition to these options, though a bit more expensive Kurzweil is also a great option for our members.


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