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Tell us what you think about cover images in search results!

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Continuing our improvements to our search capability, we've begun adding cover images to search results, which may assist Bookshare users who are sighted or those who are assisting Bookshare members in finding their book among the more than 500,000 titles in the collection. Cover images will appear where we have an identifiable image within the book itself, and as of May 1, we are going to an external source to try and get missing images, based on the ISBN. On the title detail page, you can select the cover image for a larger view of it, and from that large image, you can choose to 'Read Now' in Bookshare Web Reader, 'Add to Reading List' or download in your preferred format (including EPUB).

As of mid-April you started to see these cover images on the title detail pages, and now, as of May 1, cover images appear in the search results pages. With the upcoming release in mid-May, you will also see them in Reading Lists, so stay tuned. Our perception is that the Bookshare site seems more like a library or online collection of books, but we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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