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showing not logged in when logged in

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Everytime I try to open a book, my computer screen show that I am not logged it-- but I am, and it even shows my name on the screen.  Does anyone know why this happens?  Can you be logged in on a couple of devicesat a time?  I am reading a text onmy laptop,and a leisurebook on my phone-- is that ok?

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Hey Hazen,

Unfortunately this is a known issue.  For cost savings we use the Amazon web services to host our books in Web Reader but still authenticate your account through our Bookshare servers.  So since the cookie for your user information is to Bookshare.org but your browser is trying to connect to the Amazon service your browser sees the cookie as a 3rd party cookie and with some setting configurations will actively block the cookie.  

Fixing the setting depends on your browser, but we have all of the steps available at: https://www.bookshare.org/cms/help-center/why-does-bookshare-web-reader-say-i-am-logged-out

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