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Hi, I'm a new volunteer, and I want to start proofreading. I actually signed up to volunteer in 2014, but I didn't do anything with it. At the time, I was sent a training book to learn how to proofread. I found the practice materials on my computer again and followed their instructions. I also read the proofreading section on the website, but it seemed to be more simplified.


My question is: should I follow the instructions in the Birds and Bees training book or are they outdated? They don't seem to outright contradict the instructions on the site, but the site has fewer instructions. For example, do I still need to change titles that are listed in all caps?


Also, I performed the ^p^p^p and ^p^p find and replace tricks to eliminate extra blank space. However, it seems to have removed spaces between paragraphs and page numbers. Do I need to put them back in or will they be added in automatically when the file is converted?



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