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I am the alternate media contact for a large community college. We currently have 62 bookshare members, and when I'm done adding some new students, it will be around 67. I noticed I had to renew a few members, which I did, but is there a way I can just batch renew everyone for a year? This way they would all expire on the same day and make my life much easier. 

Also, is there a way I can get an email when a student is about to expire, if I can't batch renew? This way if the student is no longer here, I can let them expire, but if they are still here and active I can take action.

Lastly, I can display a list of all individual members, but is there a way to display a list of members who are organizational only? This way I can once again remind them to sign up for individual memberships.


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Hi Deborah,

On the renewing front you don't have to actually renew them yourself, the students will receive emails starting at one month prior to their account expiring with instructions on how to update the account to renew it again for another year of free access, or if appropriate how to transition to a non-student account.

But that said when you manage your students with standard tasks such as changing their grade level, with a few exceptions the system will take that as a renewal and also change their account such that it expires one year from that status change, which you effectively could use to mass renew them to all expire on the same date.

Unfortunately as for the list of just OM members we do not yet have that feature in place, however I'll forward the request to our engineering and design team so that we can find an effective way to display that information to our sponsors.  For now the workaround I can find is for just Organizational members their account type "Organizational" will also be a link.  Members who have upgraded to the IM status this column will not be a link, which that difference may help distinguish those who have not yet upgraded.

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I know there's nothing you can really do about this, so this is more opinion than anything else. I think the problem is that we have two kinds of users. Users like me love reading and libraries. If we get an email that tells us our membership will expire, we hurry to remedy the problem. If we get email telling us that we are organizational members, and it would be so much easier for us if we were individual members, we rush to set up our membership so we can read even more.


Unfortunately, many of my college students fall in to the non-reader category. Reading is like scrubbing toilets for them. If they get an email that says something about memberships they delete it. If they get email about renewing this or that, it might be spam anyway, so it too lands in the bit bucket. But if the instructor says they have a mid-term next Monday, then they are at my door, demanding they somehow find their book. I tell them they already have a bookshare account and they can barely remember the last time they used it. For me, fixing whatever is preventing them from downloading that book is a priority because I am tasked with providing alternate media "in a timely manner" .. legally that's a requirement of my position.


But their only task is to get me to cough up that book.


This is why I really need bookshare to make it easier for me to fix problems my non-reading students have. Expired accounts are common.  Or maybe they have accounts previously created by a parent, high school teacher, rehab counselor or other college. They've forgotten their password, or I had to assign them a user ID that's not their email address because their email was already taken by the long-ago expired account. It seems like I always have some student who can't log in and  I get tired of the responsibility. Students who do not read ignore most of their email, which is an unfortunate reality. 


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