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My daughter had neuropsychological testing completed and was diagnosed with dyslexia.  Can I just submit the testing results or do I need to have the neuropsych complete the qualification form?   We pulled our daughter out of public school and home school so we don't have a special ed teacher to complete the form.    Thanks for any guidance.

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Hi Laurie,

Bookshare does not retain staff who have the necessary education or background to interpret medical documentation or testing diagnosis.  If the form very clearly states that your daughter has a print disability we can accept it, and you can always submit it for our membership team to review to see if we can accept it.  But that said to play it safe I always recommend having a competent authority complete our Proof of Disability form.

I understand your daughter doesn't attend public school, but many districts the district will still offer some support to the special education students within the district regardless of which school they attend, so many times a special education teacher can be made available to sign this form.  Otherwise any doctor or the individual who completed the diagnosis related to the test should also be sufficient.

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