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Deborah Armstrong

Reading lists and apps

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I'd appreciate a current list of which apps support reading lists.


About three-fourths of my members are organizational members and they carry around Android tablets or iPADS. Fooling around with our demo account on our office iPAD I can search for a book and download it in VoiceDream or Read2Go if it happens to be on a reading list assigned to that account. But the office iPAD which hasn't been updated in a while due to MDM issues does not show me reading lists in any bookshare compatible apps.


I have my own Android devices and iPHONE, but I have an individual membership because I am myself print-impaired. So I can't use my own account to demo the experience an organizational member might have with their tablet or phone.


If current versions of apps support reading lists directly, letting organizational members browse lists assigned to them, I would like to know, since I can then justify to our IT department that they really need to update our office iPAD.


I also can let the students who don't have individual memberships know that they can get to their reading list from an app.



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Unfortunately currently the only application that has access to Reading Lists is Go Read on Android.  The API access to Reading Lists is still very new however and we're hopeful other apps will adopt it very soon.

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