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Fire HD 8 Tablet

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Can we use Bookshare on Fire HD  8 Tablet?  Only via a web browser or is there a way to download them and take them with us (in the car, on trips, etc.)?

We're new to book share and trying to figure it out for our 8yr old son recently diagnosed with Dyslexia.  Thanks!! 

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There's a couple of options, but our primary method unfortunately is through the browser which does require constant internet connections.  

You can try downloading our books from our website in the ePub format, we have had some success getting these books to play on android devices through the various ePub reading applications that can be found on those devices.  

Additionally if you're comfortable with Android it is possible to side load our Go Read application onto the device.  But I do not recommend attempting that process unless you're very confident with it as if done incorrectly it can weaken the security of your device.  

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