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Jenna Russo

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Hi Jenna,

When you log into your account select on the Member's link on the left side of your My Bookshare page.  For your Organizational Members you'll have an option to edit your member's accounts to set new usernames and passwords.  If however the member has chosen to upgrade to an Individual Membership with Bookshare note that these accounts are owned by the students directly, or if they're under 18 the student's parents or guardians.  Only the students or their parents/guardians can recover these accounts and reset the login information.

If a student is unable to recover their account I recommend deleting them from your roster and re-adding them, this will allow you to manage the student's credentials.  Then if the time comes that the student does recover the old Individual Membership, you can merge that account back into the new account you created if you so choose.

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