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How to open a zip file on Braille Note Apex

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I have a student that downloaded a textbook from bookshare onto a USB drive both in zipped and an upzipped file.  

The zipped file asks for password.  The student has never been able asked for a password before when opening a file downloaded from bookshare.  She does not know the password.

When opening the unzipped file, the student searches for chapters, but is having difficulty finding the chapters.

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If a Bookshare book is asking for a password the book would have had to have been downloaded an incredibly long time ago.  We used to do that but removed that "feature" many many years ago.  So the long and short of it is I recommend going to the Bookshare website and re-downloading the book, it should remove the issue.

As for the chapters piece this could also be an issue with it being a very old file, the quality of our books has improved greatly in the past many years and hopefully we have an updated version of this book with correct heading navigation.

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