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I signed into my bookshare account.  I was able to add a new student and assign a list of books.  How do I download the books and have them read aloud to the student.  I am not see the download prompt or read it now.

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Hi Tonya,

Your Organizational account itself unfortunately isn't yet approved for accessing Bookshare as we have not processed your Organizational Agreement form.  If you've sent this in today please give us a bit of time as it does take on average one business day for us to process all submitted forms.  If you sent this in prior to today however please re-send the form as that means we either didn't receive it somehow, or when we did receive it the form was unreadable.  This unfortunately happens a lot with faxes and we have no way to track back an unreadable fax to who originally sent it. 

If you need to download a new agreement form you can download it here: Organizational Agreement 

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