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Synching Bookshare library w/ Dolphin

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I had several of my students upload Dolphin EasyReader to their iPhones. Only one has been able to get his phone to synch up with his Bookshare account. I feel like I'm missing a step, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. The Bookshare library is "turned on" but the students' assigned reading lists aren't synching up with their phones. What must I do in order to get their reading lists to show up and avoid having to search for each title individually?

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Hi Julie,

Unfortunately the Dolphin EasyReader app is not yet setup to use the Bookshare Reading Lists.  It's still important to assign books to students through reading lists as this is what gives the students permission to download the books, but once within EasyReader the students will need to search for the books then download them to the app itself.  

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