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HELP! Embossing BRF files from Bookshare

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I know that this should be a simple thing to do, but I cannot figure it out!! We have a Juliet PRO embosser and use the program DBT (Duxbury Braille Translator) can anyone PLEASE help walk me through how to get this BRF file to emboss?? 

I have been successful once, but I'm pretty sure it was by mistake. Needless to say I'm not super tech savvy. Haha

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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Hey Deborah,

There's two options for embossing our books.  I generally recommend downloading our books in the DAISY Text format.  Inside this downloaded zip file you'll find one file that's the title of the book.xml.  You can use Duxbury to open this XML file which will allow Duxbury to handle the braille translation and formatting to best fit your embosser.  

The other option is to download our BRF files, but be sure to go into the download settings to set your brf options to best match your embosser.  When you do this process be sure duxbury isn't trying to translate the braille as well.  Sometimes members will download our books in grade 2 braille, then use another device to read it which then tries to contract the braille itself making it unusable. 

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