"Insufficient Privileges" (Victor Stream)

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Hello there, I assisted a client with her Victor Stream to login to her Bookshare account directly, and to search and download books. That worked fine for a couple of weeks, but recently she has been getting error messages, as described here:

"Experienced the following  when accessing book share: After choosing book then enter download key the following message is; Download failed, insufficient privileges and inactive." 

Help? What is the issue here? Does she need to log back in, or is it an internet connectivity problem, or something else?

Thank you!

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Hi Meghan,

This usually means the member's account has expired.  The easy way to check is to have the member log into the Bookshare website directly, there should be an account status banner with alerts to any account issues.  

That said for things like this, if for any reason your client isn't able to check their account status or if maybe that's not the issue in this case, it's best to have them call us directly.  We can verify their account settings and work through the other issues that might be causing this.  Our help line is 650.352.0198, but note we'll be closed Thursday and Friday this week for Thanksgiving.

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