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Udita jain

Non English books

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I generally use read now button to read the books. Once the book opens I use the read out loud or speaker kind of button. This works well for books in English.

I want to read non English or specifically Hindi books. 

How do I do.

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Hi Udita,

Bookshare relies on the device or application used to access our books having the appropriate text to speech voices for our books.  For the Read Now button we rely on the computer you're using to have a system Hindi voice installed.  Depending on the kind of computer this should be possible, and once installed if you navigate to the settings of the web reader you'll be able to select the appropriate voice from the voice selector.  Admittedly it can be difficult, especially on Windows machines that don't already come with the Hindi voice pre-installed, but using the Windows language options it is still possible.

However the easiest way to access our books in Hindi is to use our Go Read application.  Android is probably the easiest platform to install a Hindi voice thanks to Google's great service, and if you set you default Android language to Hindi you'll find we've also localized Go Read to Hindi as well.

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