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I have been reading EPUB using either iOS or Android with VoiceDream Reader.  I have downloaded some books from BookShare that are Daisy with Images and I have absolutely no idea how to read the book and view the images.  My 3 options (devices) that I have are Android smartphone (LG V20), iPad Mini, MacBook.  I tend to use the V20 and the iPad the most but for some books, I definitely want to have access to images.  Am I missing something?  Do EPBUB books also show images? If so, how?  Or is it only Daisy with Images that shows images?  If so, please guide me to information about how to use this type of eBook.  TIA, Linda

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Hi Linda,

Newer devices using Voice Dream Reader can display the images within our books if we do have images available, but you do need to go into the text settings of Voice Dream Reader and enable the rich text mode.  On Android the free application Go Read will display images as well automatically, in fact in this one there's no option to turn images off.

But that said note that not all of our books have images.  If you aren't showing images I highly recommend finding the book on the Bookshare website, download the "DAISY with Images" format if it's available, then within the downloaded file browse the images folder to view which images are included in the book.  Either the DAISY with Images format won't be available, in which case we don't unfortunately have images for the book, or sometimes the images that are included are very minimal.

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