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Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know about this program I recently found called Speechify ( Here's a nice video about it: It's a great piece of software that is good for both everyday computer usage and for reading on IOS devices.

On the computer, it is perfect for normal browsing. One of the biggest problems I have with the Apple built-in text to speech functionality is that it doesn't pause, skip forward, or go backwards. Speechify can do all of those things. It also has the ability to use RSVP ( Basically, it flashes the words one by one - it helps a ton with eye fatigue. Another benefit is that you don't have to keep pasting things into it (like with other programs). One other feature, which not everyone will use, is that it reads up to 720 words per minute. Honestly, very few programs allow for this, which is really unfortunate.

I use it when I'm doing generic things on my computer (e.g., browsing, reading articles, writing papers for school, etc.). The reason it's so good for this is that I can use a normal word processor and have the text read to me.

Another thing is that it pairs really well with reading Bookshare texts. On the computer, I use it to read my textbooks - since it is easier for me to read on my computer than my tiny phone.

You can also use it on your phone, but I don't do that as much.

Oh and did I mention? It OCRs stuff on the computer and it can OCR photos from books on your phone.

There are some problems with it, it can be a bit buggy sometimes, but the developer is super responsive. He actually has dyslexia and used text to speech to help himself in college:

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