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I am trying to read books with pictures. After downloading a kid's book through the "read now" button on Chrome, I pushed the dictation button and as it scrolls over the page, it describes the details of the picture. I'd like to turn the picture description off. I just want the dictation of the text. Is there a way to do that? Thanks

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Hi Linda,

Unfortunately there is no way to disable the reading of these descriptions at this time, however only a tiny portion of our children's books have these descriptions in our library.  We are working on both ends of this issue, as we would like to have more books with image descriptions in our library for our members, but we also want to give our members the option to disable those descriptions if they so choose.

There's unfortunately not a perfect way to avoid books with image descriptions, but most of them that currently have descriptions have a flag on the book detail page.  For instance note this book has a listing for "Essential Images" and "Described Images"

Most of our books with descriptions should have this label.

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