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Margaret Min

A proofreader's questions

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I have a book nearly ready for submission. I have 2 questions: there is a mark on one page that I would like to ask the scanner about. When I go to the history page and click her name, nothing happens. How can I contact this person?

Also, although I have found and corrected a few scannos, when I tried to run spellcheck (using Word on a PC) it tells me immediately that spellcheck and grammar check are complete. I know this isn't working because I purposefully created an error that was not recognized.

Can you give me some suggestions. Thank you so much.


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Hi Margaret, 


Thanks for your question. If you check the comments section of the book history the scanners email is there for questions about the scan.

As for issues with spellcheck, make sure that "Do not check spelling and grammar" and "Detect Language Automatically" under the Language review box are not selected?


Hope this helps. Feel free to contact with more questions.  

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