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I have just started using Bookshare. I need to give a student access on a Chromebook through our MIS department. It appears the best method would be to add Bookshare on the shelf and have student log in to find the books they need. I didn't see an extension that specifically Bookshare, but did see Bookshare reader. What am I missing?  Thank you

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Hey Duane,

We recommend installing this extension for an improved voice: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-os-us-english-fema/efdojdlmjknacnljjdedapanceanigkh

But beyond that extension there is nothing to install.  When your students log into the Bookshare website and navigate to a book they've been assigned, they'll find a "Read Now" link that'll open the book right up in the browser.  

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