How to automatically convert .XML to .HTML (automator)

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Here's a link to a youtube explaining this: https://youtu.be/s1-ld5lOBsM

Hi all. As many of you know, in order to read your books in Chrome, you have to convert the file extension from .XML to .html. I got kind of tired of renaming every single book share file from .XML to .html. So, I created a little Automator workflow that solves this problem. Basically, it opens the folder, finds the file extension and converts it.

I've attached a dropbox link to this post. Open up the link and install the workflow. Next time you want to convert, Simply right click the folder, go to the services menu, and click Bookshare open v1. It will do the rest.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ycmupzap8un9u4n/Bookshare open v1.workflow.zip?dl=0

For more creative solutions like this go to http://bit.ly/talospotential

Subscribe here: https://bit.ly/talossub

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