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Dowloading for Daisy Victor Reader (2nd generation)

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Hi, I'm asking this for my father Bill, who is a new member in Australia.  (I'm his daughter helping out).  

1. Which format should we use to download?  On the local vision library, it's Daisy Audio. Is that the same on Bookshare?

2. When I do choose a book to download, and the status shows 'downloading', whereabouts on the PC (ie, which folder) does it download TO?  His PC has Windows 7 and I looked in the \User\Downloads folder but found nothing. Roughly how long should download to the PC take?  It seems to be taking a long time.

I did find a set of instructions suggesting one could use the VictorReader to do the downloading.  Is this any quicker than downloading to the PC?  I can't use it at the moent because the Victor Reader says the Wireless menu isn't configured, so I'll have to find out how to do that first.

Would much appreciate your help here.

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The latest Victor Reader Stream includes built in Wifi allowing Bookshare users to log in, search, and download Bookshare content directly on the device itself. If you have this device click here for more information.

If you wish to use a computer to download and transfer material to a Victor Reader Stream, we recommend HumanWare's Companion Transfer tool which provides an intuitive screen reader-friendly user interface that makes it easy to transfer Bookshare books to the Victor Reader Stream and Classmate Reader. It's available for download at:

For those who prefer not to use the Companion software to transfer Bookshare content onto the Victor Reader, the SD card must be available to the computer as a removable drive. You can either: Remove the SD card from the device and insert it into an SD reader on your computer. Or keep the SD card in the device and connect the device to your computer with the supplied USB cable.

Once the contents of the SD card are visible in a folder window, you can proceed with the transfer.

The Victor Reader is compatible with Bookshare's DAISY Text and DAISY Audio formats. Download a desired book and extract your DAISY content to the $vrdtb folder. Each DAISY book, magazine, or newspaper should be saved in its own subfolder under the $vrdtb folder.

If you have interest in trying the Bookshare Web Reader, I would suggest reviewing this helpful information:




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