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This is something I've thought about suggesting for a while now.
I am an avid reader and I sometimes want to download an entire series in one sitting. Currently, when using a computer, I have to search for the book individually and then group them by list. The books are not organised by series currently. I raised concerns about duplicate books in the past.
Would it be possible to consider a new type of download script where you would check a list of boxes, and when you click the download button, a huge zip file would be generated containing subdirectories of the titles you requested?
If something like that existed, it would be a lot easier for one to download fifty or a hundred books at once, in as little as five minutes. I still believe in keeping the two hundred books per month limit, though, but I thought I'd make this suggestion.

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Hello GreenGablesFan,

Thank you for your feedback. As previously mentioned, the ability to search multiple categories is already available from the main Bookshare website (but not in the API which the apps are using) on our Advanced Search page at:

I will pass this along and make sure our Product Development team is aware of your suggestion again so that it may be considered as a possibility.

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