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I originally requested a copy of Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn through Bookshare a few days ago. However, I was unable to download it because of a "Withdrawn" status not listed with the status help descriptions. I searched for the same book and found a downloadable copy of the novel. Can someone explain the process of the "Withdrawn" status?

On a side note, it may be a good idea to add a few details for this particular status in the help window found under the [?] button in the My History screen.


Thank you!

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Hi Kai,

There can actually be a number of reasons why a book might be withdrawn from our collection. For example:

--A publisher might have sent it to us with errors, or lost rights to distribute it in litigation with the author or other publishers. 
--The book may have had formatting issues that were significant enough and couldn't be fixed with current tools. (this rarely ever happens though) 
--Most commonly, the book was overwritten by another copy of the same title – the new copy can be located by searching our library collection by the title or ISBN number, rather than using any links that were previously saved for the earlier copy. 

We appreciate your feedback and I'll make sure we get this information added as a Help Center article. 

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