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Using Bookshare through Capti (iOS)

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Our middle school has created several Reading Lists on the Bookshare website, and have added our students (Bookshare members) to the reading lists.  However, when using Bookshare through the Capti app on the iPad, the reading lists don't show up for them to choose from.  Is Bookshare not compatible with Capti to that extent? To see the created reading lists do the student have to go through the Bookshare website directly?  Thank for any input!

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Hi Katherine,

Unfortunately at this time Capti is not able to link directly to our reading lists. For this app, members will still need to be assigned reading lists. This essentially unlocks those titles for download. The member can search for the title, and a download option will be presented for those titles in the list.

I would recommend downloading the free app Dolphin EasyReader. I find this app to be more accessible, and it offers many more features that you would typically have to pay for use with Capti Premium. The Dolphin app also links to our reading lists.

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