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Setting Up Bookshare on Ipad...

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Sorry. Completely new to Bookshare. Trying to set up reading on an iPad for my daughter. I am most interested in the audio reading that highlights the word as it reads. I think she is most likely to use it in that fashion. So I see I can download the book in Daisy Text, Audio, BRF, EPUB, and Word. Tried downloading the books in all formats except audio and importing to Speechify, but it isn’t working. Looks like Speechify was designed to use PDFs.

Any advice on how to set this up? Should I be installing a different app onto the iPad?

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Aaron,

If you are using a compatible browser (laptop/computer), just search for a book, then on the results page, locate the “Read Now” button which will appear above or the left of the “Download” button. Clicking this link will begin the process of packaging and opening the book in your web browser. 

To utilize the self-voicing audio and word highlighting features, one must be using the Google Chrome Browser on a PC, or Safari on a Mac. If you are using a smartphone or tablet you are going to want to download a compatible app that works with Bookshare. I would recommend the app Dolphin EasyReader, not only is it one of the more popular apps among our members it is also free.

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