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Was wanting to know the best option for an app that would allow my daughter to actually tap on the screen to turn pages. Jada is 15 and has cerebral palsy. She currently uses an Ipad for a communication device. Would like her to be more in control and to turn pages after they are read to her. We have an extra Android tablet that she would use for her Bookshare books. Currently trying Go Read but not having any success and it may be because we are not familiar with what we are doing.

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Hi Jada, 

I would recommend trying the app Dolphin EasyReader. Currently this is one of the more popular apps that works with Bookshare. The app itself is free, and you have many options in how you would like to read, how the pages are turned, highlighting, and many choices in voices.

You can also edit any voice to fine tune the reading experience. I myself find this app to be one of the best currently available.

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