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It would be great if the downloaded versions of books could have page numbers that matched papercover books that are used in mainstream classrooms.  My 8th grade Bookshare user can never read out loud the paragraph the teacher is asking her (fully sighted) classmates to read. 

They have read "Joy Luck Club", "The Chosen" and are going to read "Black Boy". 

I am increasingly frustrated by being told that this isn't possible, that it's up to the publisher to include page #s. 

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Hi Josephine, 

I'm sorry for any frustration you've experienced as part of the Bookshare service. Unfortunately, titles are often supplied to us by publishers without page numbers (or in other cases, no page breaks which result in the entire book located on one page) or that don't match up with the conventional page numbers of a traditional print book.

At this time, Bookshare has limited resources, both in technology tools and staffing, to correct and improve issues with accessibility in publisher-supplied books. We are committed to raising issues of accessibility of their products with our publisher partners on a regular basis. While we know this can be a frustrating answer when a particular title you want is less accessible than it should be, we believe that these conversations with publishers will ultimately result in more 'born accessible' books to come in the future. 



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