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Connecting Single Accounts to School Account

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I have a teacher who has been using Bookshare the past couple of years, and now that we have a school account, I would like to move this teacher into our school account.  I can't add them as a new sponsor as their email address is already take, plus I would like to move their whole account over so it keeps their Reading Lists.  Is there a way to add this teacher/sponsor to my new school account?

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Hi Jessica,

You can either add the teacher to your account using a different email, or they can contact us and request they be removed from the other account they are currently on. Once removed you will be able to add them to your account with the email that is currently in use. Unfortunately, we can't move the Reading Lists over at this time but we're hoping to work out a solution to allow schools to share their Reading Lists with other schools district wide. 

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