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Hi Lesley,

Unfortunately, at this time that feature is not available. Beeline Reader is not a Bookshare app so I'm not sure if or when that feature would be added. The free app Dolphin EasyReader would be the best option for a bookmark feature. This is one of the more popular apps our members are using.

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The short answer is yes, Dolphin is available on laptops. Having said that though, Bookshare exclusively promotes access to a handful of app reading tool options for use with phone and tablets on the iOS and Android platforms. However, you can visit Dolphin's website for details regarding a 30-day trial of EasyReader for Windows or purchase it directly from them. 

In the off chance you're still looking for laptop access to other compatible reading tools with Bookshare (other than WebReader), I'd suggest this section of our Reading Tool Wizard tool to help determine the best option for your students.

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