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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE books, like "LITTLE EDDIE," ""B" IS FOR BETSY," "BACK TO SCHOOL WITH BETSY," "BETSY&BILLY," and "BETSY AND THE BOYS." Does ANYONE know what MONTH/DATE in 1898 that CAROLYN was born, as well as the 1990 month/date of her passing?

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Believe it or NOT, "LITTLE EDDIE," ESPECIALLY, and the classic TV show that aired on CBS-TV for six seasons (1957-1963), known, of COURSE, as "LEAVE IT TO BEAVER," in MY opinion, would seem to remind me of SO MUCH like each other. BEAVER, for example, I'D equate with EDDIE, because the BOTH of them were CERTAINLY ADVENTUROUS to the point of winding up in some sort of "STEW" of one kind or another. Of COURSE, TOTALLY UNLIKE "the BEAVE," who only had ONE cybling, his brother (WALLY), EDDIE had THREE brothers, FRANK and JOE, who were TWINS, and RUDY, who was the oldest. EDDIE, just like "the BEAVE," was the youngest. I WONDER if the creators of

"LEAVE IT TO BEAVER" might've gotten ideas from MISS HAYWOOD.


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